Cracked Linoleum: Student Work Showcase (coming soon)

“I was not about to call myself a writer during our brief introductory remarks in Eanlai’s writing class. I feared judgment about even being in the room that first time. That mantle of insecurity fell away quickly by being “dropped” into our first prompt.  As instructed, I kept the pen moving and have learned so much about myself and my creative ability as a result. Hearing the other writers in the room as well as Eanlai, who writes and reads along with us, creates a trusting environment and a camaraderie that is useful as well as enjoyable. I have been a participant now in at least a half a dozen workshop groups over the past 3 years. Eanlai has the ability to quickly get to the core of a piece and respond with precision. This gift, along with her patience and knowledge, provide a different yet dynamic experience every time.”

—Nancy Philips, AlamedaCA

“Eanlai’s AWA method worked for me very well. As a writer, one of the aspects in my writing activities and needs is seeking to be inspired and thrilled in a small group setting that has various features such as Eanlai’s: 1. the multiple writing prompts in each session are most efficient to jolt back my memories as I write about my life story; 2. the three 10- to 15-minute hands-on writing exercises is a perfect amount of pressure to make me productive as I “keep my pen moving” without hesitation or without any expectations to write perfectly … and I found out that when my mind was not conditioned to perform/write perfectly but I was asked to relax and given permission to write privately in my notebook “the clumsiest crap in America,” I was most productive! Amazing; 3. I also highly valued the instant gratification from the most encouraging, spirit-soaring positive feedbacks from both Eanlai and other thoughtful and friendly group members for my in-class hands-on writing; It gave me most needed feedback to improve my writing and also cast lighting from different angles on my writing; 4. Eanlai is an ideal facilitator: She’s caring, genuinely concerned about the well-being of you and your writer’s mind; The writing environment in her home is very inviting, accommodating, comfortable, pleasantly and brightly lit, full of smiling faces and laughter; 5. I’m returning.”

–Jing Li, San Francisco, CA