There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. 

-Maya Angelou

Born and reared in a small village in southern Ireland, Éanlaí experienced firsthand the trifecta of collective dysfunction: silence, denial, and lies.

As a trauma survivor, Éanlaí understands the long recovery required to piece oneself back into one’s skin, indeed, back into one’s own story. As such, Éanlaí believes in the power of the written and spoken word to revive lost time and lost lives.

For this reason, she is dedicated to helping all writers, particularly women, return from silence.

Adrienne Rich says: The impulse to create begins – often terribly and fearfully – in a tunnel of silence. 

With daily practice and recovery, Éanlaí continues to transform her own tunnel of silence with spoken and written word.

A veteran therapy-goer and long-time teacher, she has made of her journey a simple map and teaching method with inspirational roots from prior experience as an AWA Method certified facilitator. Since then, Éanlaí’s teaching method has evolved into its own unique shape. This teaching method is one she wished she could have had when she began her own trauma recovery 20 years ago. 

A map back to the heart of what truly matters: how to speak our soul truth into being.

Her Write the Soul Awake Method is based on three simple tenets:

·      Permission to begin wherever we are, in life, and on the page

·      Muscle memory to continue, word by word, step by step

·      Courage to complete our tasks, in life and in writing. 

Every journey begins with a single step, Lao Tzu says.

With Éanlaí, take that first step, or that next step, into your own creative rebirth. 

Éanlaí’s writing has appeared in Agave Magazine, White Wall Review, Sweet Tree ReviewString Poet, Peregrine, Sinister Wisdom, Big Muddy, The Ignatian Literary Magazine, The Courage to Heal, Entropy Magazine, and The Magic of Memoir. She has spent the last twenty years attending writing workshops across America. She was a Lit Camp Writers Conference scholarship recipient; a Pat Schneider Poetry Contest Honorable Mention winner; long listed in the National Poetry Competition United Kingdom in 2017; a Winner of the Eastern Iowa Review’s Lyric Essay Contest in 2018; and a Top Ten Finalist in the Fish Short Memoir Prize contest in 2018. She is available for public speaking engagements and small group retreats. 

And is forever in search of the perfect chair. 

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