Write The Soul Awake

“Eanlai is a marvelous facilitator. She creates a safe, supportive environment that encourages you to write freely, unencumbered by inhibitions and fears. She is what in film parlance would be called an “Actor’s Director,” someone who can bring out terrific performances by being in your corner and focused on the same goal. It’s serious, but it’s fun.”

Joseph Kim, San FranciscoCA

“The four-week workshop with Eanlai was like a super-charged jump-start to my writing practice. The exercises during the sessions produced writing that would not have happened otherwise.  My creativity blossomed, I felt more connected and pleased with my own writing, and as each week went by I was able to go deeper into whatever I wrote. The feedback from the group was luscious, and spurred me on into the rest of the week to do more and more writing.  The process was remarkable and the energy in the room was transformative. A singularly invaluable experience.”

Marilyn Bobbin, Palo Alto, CA

“Seven weeks into the eight-week class, I remain amazed at the writings I’ve done and shared. While we always had a choice not to share, I read my writing aloud each and every time. The women in my group, including Eanlai, were always thoughtful and kind with their feedback. What surprised me the most was the gift of being present for others who were also writing the soul awake. At times, I felt as if others’ words were meant just for me to hear. Not only is Eanlai an excellent facilitator, she was one with the group and shared her writings aloud with the rest of us. Thank you Eanlai for an incredible ride.”

Pat Frasca, Alameda, CA